Stunning laser cut paper designs

Stunning laser cut paper designs

We recently came across this blog post that showcases some truly stunning paper cut artwork. I absolutely love the intricate detail in the smaller pieces, but was equally blown away by the larger pieces in pictures 12 and 16 (just keep scrolling) - one of which, taken on a vernissage by Analu Prestes, is posted above.

Although it doesn’t say it anywhere, we assume those have been cut with a laser. The high amount of detail, the large panels, the accurate cut all speak for it. That’s the beauty of using larger laser tables – you can cut material of infinite length.

Instead of cutting these hanging designs out of paper, you could also use card, PVC, and fabrics – silk would look absolutely stunning! If using PVC, however, you’d need to use a blade cutter, as the laser beam sets free poisonous gases when burning the PVC. 


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