How to get the best engraving results

How to get the best engraving results

We all know the burnt-stamp-effect logos and writing on old wine boxes – and that’s exactly what the owner of Clementine Catering had in mind when he approached us for producing a number of wooden signs for his business.

He asked us to etch the logo onto two 1.5m wide and 15mm thick plywood sheets. After doing several tests, it was clear that the end result wasn’t quite what the customer was after – the artwork we had been given had so many colours in it that the engraving had turned out three-dimensional.

When preparing artwork for laser cutting, it is important to remember that the darker the colour of the artwork, the deeper the laser will cut. Of course the depth of cutting can be set for the darkest shade, but that means that lighter shades of the same design will be cut less deep, resulting in a curvy effect where the laser cuts at different depths.

For simple and clean cut engraving results, the artwork should therefore be in black and white, not shades of grey. After the customer’s artwork was adjusted accordingly, the result, cut at 2mm deep, turned out beautiful.


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